Also for this year’s exceptional edition of the Frankfurter Buchmesse #FBM20 we have a couple of thought-provoking presentations in store for you.

Agility in the Publishing Industry​


Summary: Learn how a publisher can gain the flexibility to rapidly adjust to a changing market. What allows you to launch a new product sooner rather than later? What is needed to quickly serve a new channel?

Description: In this session a framework is presented that allows you to design, implement, monitor and improve how agile you are as a publisher. What are the changes you may be facing? What elements are critical in reacting quickly? Where to invest your – potentially scarce – funds? How do you know that you are ready for the next channel?

Speaker: Mark Hünneman – PublishOne

Date: 14.10.2020 11.00 – 11.30 CEST

Connecting the Dots at Publishing House Sdu Uitgevers​


Summary: Learn how Sdu Uitgevers has transformed their business successfully bringing several business units onto a single set of applications and processes. How was this achieved? What choices were made.

Description: Over the last few years, Sdu Uitgevers has successfully transformed from a group of individual business units into a coherently operating publisher. In this session the transformation programme of Sdu Uitgevers is explained. What were the initial challenges they were facing? What were the objectives of the transformation programme? How was the project organised? Which choices were made and why? How was success achieved?

Speaker: Ellen van Beijsterveldt – PublishOne

Date: 14.10.2020 15.00 – 15.30 CEST

Efficient collaboration in content creation and publishing

Summary: Remote working has increasingly become a critical skill for content creators. Tools need to be low-key and user training easy as possible. PublishOne provides the perfect tools to create your content in MS Word using a central repository and templated content structures, allowing for a highly efficient way of creating content for digital and print.

Description: Content creation over the last decade has become increasingly more complex because of networked collaboration structures between different organizations and freelancers. This requires the use of tools to facilitate the creation part, but also the publishing part of content. Hans Fermont from PubliQare will explain in more detail how PublishOne can support content creation businesses to simplify collaborative creation processes and publication to digital and online channels.

Speaker: Hans Fermont – PubliQare

Date: 15.10.2020 10.00 – 10.30 CEST

AI-based translations with PublishOne


Summary: We’ll show you how you can quickly and easily translate text in PublishOne using artificial intelligence.

Description: Using Microsoft’s AI text translation service, we will show you how to translate text in multiple languages quickly, accurately and securely directly from PublishOne. More than 60 languages are supported and domain-specific terminology can be integrated.

Speaker: Robert Janoska – SNAP

Date: 15.10.2020 – 14.00 – 14.30 CEST

Eigenentwicklungen im Sinne der Verlage > Die neue Plattform liefert Tools für Automatisierungsprozesse​


Summary: Gerd Blumenstein erklärt als wachsenden Publishing Service. Auf der einen Seite stehen umfassende Produktionswerkzeuge wie PublishOne, deren Performance und Usability die Verlage geradezu einladen, über automatisierte Prozesse nicht nur nachzudenken, sondern zu handeln. Auf der anderen Seite sind es spezifische Anwendungen im Satz, kleine Tools, wie sie Da-TeX seit mehreren Jahren inhouse programmiert, um effizient zu arbeiten – bis hin zum automatischen Satz. Der Fokus liegt auf InDesign-Scripting, was täglichen InDesign-Anwendern eine Menge Aufwand abnimmt. Über Hunderte dieser Scripte liegen bereits vor; individuelle Programm-Wünsche werden entgegen genommen.

Description: bildet den Automatisierungswunsch diverser Verlage ab > Module und kleine Tools für die tägliche Anwendung und mit Rest-API zur Einbindung in vorhandene und neue Produktionsprozesse > InDesign-Scripting, automatisierte Strukturierung und Bereinigung von Manuskriptdaten im docx-Format, beliebig skalierbare Darstellungen und mathematische Funktionen in Koordinatensystemen … und mehr …

Speaker: Gerd Blumenstein – Da-Tex

Date: 14.10.2020 von 13:00-13:30 CEST und 16.10.2020 von 10:30-11:00 CEST