EDIA and PublishOne are together on a journey of discovering the next level of publishing services.

EDIA is an education technology company that supports publishers with automated metadata tagging and adoption of smart content. EDIA uses modern techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence that are offered in the form of an API directly to publishers or via various content management systems(CMS), of which PublishOne is one. This powerful combination of the CMS and automated meta-tagging will deliver huge benefits to consumers and businesses of both parties.

Building AI foundation

EDIA’s metadata-tagger automates the labor-intensive, manual process in order to improve content accessibility and personalization. Metadata allows publishers to drive more revenue, decrease content production costs and manage their content more effectively. Hence, PublishOne and EDIA are now working together to determine the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in improving and enriching the content.

As the first step in this collaboration, EDIA’s capabilities will be demonstrated during the demo at the Executive Council Event that PublishOne organized for their customers on May 14th. In the spotlight are metadata tagging of the reading difficulty level of the texts, extraction of relevant topics and keywords.

Automated Meta tagging in action

Inside each document in PublishOne, users can access a tab with automatically assigned metadata thanks to EDIA’s API. It is possible to set your own readability target level that the document is expected to be. With the help of the banner located on the top of the document’s view, it is possible to get a high-level meta tagging results as well as the information on how far the text is from a target level. PublishOne and EDIA are pleased with the new features and convinced that the customer will definitely gain the maximum benefit from using them.

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