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What we do


Experience the freedom of structured working without a care.

Texts, images and videos no longer stand on their own, they are a part of the huge amount of content in your publishing business, educational institution or knowledge-intensive company. One piece of text or image can be cut into up to ten different types, edited and published, both online and offline. This means the source file has different requirements, but you don’t want to bother your authors with that. And you don’t have to, with PublishOne.


A better overview, more control and faster switching.

PublishOne streamlines the whole process, from first draft to publication. You can fully configure the management function, so all tasks, roles and responsibilities are perfectly tuned. Everyone knows what they have to do and can see the current status of each document. Imagine this: no more issues with file versions, double work or unnecessary waiting on each other. That alone is enough reason to request a demo with PublishOne today.


Publish online and offline with the press of a single button.

PublishOne helps you with publishing faster any way you want. XML-first, paper-first and crossmedia-first. Whether you publish on your own website, share knowledge through intranet or publish novels for e readers, PublishOne simplifies the step from authorised content to publication to the single press of a button. We save content as neutrally as possible so you can use it for anything. The same content in any appearance.

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How we act

The on-going journey

For us, the ability for our clients to influence our roadmap is much more than a statement of intent. It is part of our contract with you and you will find it formalized in our Service Level Agreement. It is known as the Software Advisory Council process and involves agreeing changes to PublishOne with all participants, with each participant having an equal vote. Your investment will be in the preparation for and in the participation in this process. Against it, you will get the product enhancements you need without any additional cost. And again, you will get to share in the insights gained at all our clients.

What's under the hood

Leveraging the ecosystem

PublishOne is not used in isolation. It is part of an application and services landscape that support you in your success. PublishOne needs to work together with all your solutions and integrating them should be straightforward. Our integration framework seeks to deliver just that. All functions have a corresponding systems interface (API) and our events based architecture allows the integration to be direct.

What we describe as our ecosystem is a myriad of third-party technology and partners of which we know they work well with PublishOne. For technology this means that our Integration Framework is effective in creating process than span across these applications. For partners it means that they have the expertise to introduce PublishOne successfully.

“Wolters Kluwer searched for a tool that would allow authors to publish in a future-proof and easy way. The solution l needed had to be customizable and intuitive to use.”
Director Content
Wolters Kluwer